VSUDO 2 Pairs Double Layer Flat Sneaker Shoe Lace Flat ShoelaceShoe String



FASHIONABLE FLAT SHOELACES: A new color and right length premium laces will give your favorite sneaker or athletic shoes a new look and bring your shoes much more individual character. COLORFUL SHOELACES: These replacement shoelaces have multi colors: Black, White, Beige, White Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Red, Rose Red, Dark Red, Purplish Red, Neon Red, Watermelon Red, Blue, Navy Blue, Powder Blue, Turquoise Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Neon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Neon Green, Mint Green, Light Pink, Purple, Tan, Brown, Yellow Brown, Red Brown. HIGH QUALITY AND HIGH DURABILITY: Double Layer Weave Strong Braided Construction Design, Premium Flat Sneaker Shoe Laces. SHOESTRING STYLE: Approximately 5/16 (8 mm) Wide Double Layer Weave Flat Sneaker Shoelaces – Polyester – Includes 2 Pairs (4 Laces) FIT FOR MOST SHOES: Perfect for Adults, Youth, Kids, Men or Women who wants to look for a replacement shoelace. Our flat shoelaces fit for Sneaker, Athletic shoes, Board Shoes, Casual Shoes, Running Shoes, Climbing Shoes, Hiking Boots and so on.


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